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From Chaos to Control

Unless you have a medical degree or background, chances are you don’t know how to care for a cancer patient. As the wife of a cancer patient, I was thrust into this role and didn’t have a clue what to do, but I learned quickly, although not always easily. This is the scariest roller coaster ride of your life!

If you are:

  • dealing with a loved one or friend who has cancer
  • trying to get through the maze of healthcare
  • need a resource to help you stay the course
  • feel overwhelmed but don’t want your loved one to know

You’ve come to the right place.

Caregivers4Cancer was created because I have been through all of these things and want to help you through your own journey. There are many factors, which influence the condition of those undergoing cancer treatment. It may come as a surprise, but emotional help and support in many cases is even more important than the drug treatment and surgery.

Caregivers4Cancer is here to educate and assure caregivers and oncology teams there are ways to ease the journey’s relentless demands. You can emerge on the other end with less stress, more energy and a feeling of accomplishment that you did all you could for your loved one.

"WOW! I had chills when Betty talked about the miracle with her husband's feet!" Katie Adler

Betty Garrett: From Chaos to Control: A Survival Guide for the Cancer Caregiver

From Chaos to Control: A Survival Guide for the Cancer Caregiver

Released in Spring 2008, From Chaos to Control: A Survival Guide for the Cancer Caregiver is the premier how-to manual for caregivers tending cancer patients...

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Betty Garrett: The Companion

The Companion

The Companion will become a critical member of your caregiving team. Filled with tools for tracking your loved one’s progress through their treatments, appointments, daily medications and more...

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