Leave it to Garrett to come up with something out of the ordinary…I developed an infection two and half months AFTER radiation.  Typically, the infection shows up within three weeks of treatment….not me…I wanted to be different.  The only signs I had that something was amiss was redness around the area where the catheter had been inserted.

Yes, I went to the doctor and was given some antibiotics which didn’t phase the infection.  We went through 8 weeks of on and off again antibiotics, which didn’t work.  Finally I went back to the doctor ready for some action.  My options were to continue as we had been doing or have a mastectomy.  WOW…how could we go from an infection  to a mastectomy.?  I thought mastectomies were for cancer patients.  I didn’t realize it could be from infections.

My dear doctor was more concerned about the removal than I and he assured me I could do reconstructive surgery.  I let it be known at my age, I doubted I would go for another surgery because prothetics would work just fine for me. If I were in my thirties or forties I would have a different mindset but not at 64 years old.

Surgery was July 27th and all is well with me.  The healing process is taking longer than I had anticipated, but I have my health and life is good.

Lesson learned:  it is not how you get there but it is what you do with the journey along the way.