Once I knew I could do the radiation for 5 days, I was thrilled because I didn’t have the time for the 6 week program.  The doctor inserted the first catheter and when I went to the radiation oncologist, he informed me my skin was too thin.  Now, what was I going to do?  He discussed with me additional options and by this time, I was so confused and devastated because I wasn’t sure I was still a candidate for the radiation fast track program.

The radiation oncologist assured me there was another catheter, which I was a great candidate and he wanted to use it on me.  I didn’t care as long as it was only 5 days of radiation.  Whew…missed the 6 weeks bullet of radiation.  All went well with the 5 day program and my team became great supporters.  In fact on the last treatment, one of the team members told me he was sorry we had met under such circumstances but he had enjoy getting to know me.

Lesson learned:  look for the humor, wear the red clown nose, get plenty of giggles because it makes the treatment and time go faster.

Look for the humor

Humor is what is going to get you through this passage.  It may be a little on the dark side but if it gets you a giggle why care?  I will never forget the time when Gene has lost quite a bit of weight and I decided to go on this cooking spree to fatten him up.  One night as we were lying in bed, I raised up and told Gene were we going to have to sleep in separate beds. Of course this floored him and he wanted to know what was he doing to cause me to go to another bed?  I replied…do you know those fat cells you are losing, they are finding their way to my side of the bed to my rear and he had better stop it.  Yes, we got a huge laugh out of this. So look for the bright side and enjoy the moment.  Forget about the what if’s, and live only in the moment.

If you are lacking in the creativity aspect, look for the red clown nose and you can have a lot of fun with it.  Doctors do not know what to do when they walk in and find a red-nose caregiver in thier office.  They love it because it breaks the ice and causes them to realize they are human, too.