Record your thoughts

One of the things I used during Gene’s journey with esophageal cancer and my breast cancer diagnosis was to use a journal for my thoughts.  I found it helped a great deal to record my inner most thoughts because once I got them on paper, it relieved the pressure from within.  This was an avenue I could release some stress even though there were times I was too tired to think much less write.

It was comparable to a healing process for me to get my thoughts on paper and not carry them inside me.  Some people will use a legal size note book, composition book or a fancy pretty  journal you can purchase at a book store in different sizes.  In this case presentation isn’t everything.  Use what is more convenient for you at the time.  No one is going to read it unless you allow them to.  Do you remember the diaries we used to use when we were younger and we wrote our teenage thoughts in this book?  The only difference now is that we are a little older and our thoughts are more adult in nature.